Plinky Helps With Micro-Blogger’s Block


Ever find yourself looking to blog or Tweet, but cannot for the life of you think of what to write?  Or perhaps you’re just looking to spice up your slice of the Internet?  Well luckily for you there is a new service available called Plinky, which goes beyond Twitter’s “What are you doing?” prompt and asks you other questions.


After reading a terrific article about Plinky by Jennifer Van Grove over at Mashable, I signed up and answered the first prompt.  The question asked for three songs ideal for road-trips, and the form searches for album art to associate with your answers.  After picking the tunes, Plinky allows you to publish your response on several different third party apps such as Facebook, Twitter, Tubmlr and WordPress, as well as provides you with an embed code for use virtually anywhere.

As you can see, Plinky helps you push your info out to various other apps, but the service is not automated.  After filling out your response, you have to click “send” next to the various apps you want to publish to.  Additionally, clicking the link shown above in my Twitter feed tells anyone not logged into Plinky to do so to view the answers.

Still I think Plinky can be useful to anyone looking to think outside the blogging box for a while.  With prompts such as “describe any wardrobe changes you make when you get home from work, school, or your other day activities” and “defend your vice”, Plinky is bound to get lots of interesting answers and conversations brewing.

With only one new prompt each day, Plinky may not get quite that addicting, but if users are allowed to submit new questions for approval, this may take care of that dillema.  [Edit: Plinky is currently taking suggestions for prompts.  Do so by clicking here!] In the mean time, check out my Road Trip Mix auto-pushed to my Tumblr right here.

Plinky currently has just over 1000 users since launching today and is growing fast, so go check it out!


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