This epic acronym replaces “Too Much Light Makes the Baby Go Blind: 30 Plays in 60 Minutes”, which is an “off-off-Broadway” play, and longest running play in Chicago. As the name suggests, the show includes 30 brief (2 minutes, for you math whizzes) acts of the most random nature.

Recently on NPR’s “This American Life”, they emulated this style by reporting on 20 stories in 60 minutes. One of the “acts” was a clip from one of TMLMTBGB’s own shorts, which is a humorous exchange between a male and a female.

Check out the “This American Life” podcast to hear the clip (around the 30 minute mark), or after the jump, just read this short snippet I found on the interweb to get the gist of it.

Him: Statement.
Statment. {cough}
Her: Agreement.
Him: Reassuring statement.
Confident statement.
Confident statement.
Overconfident statement.
Her: Question?
Him: Elaborate defensive excuse.
{audience laughter}
Her: Half-hearted agreement.
Him: Insecure statement.
Distracted statement.
Absurd statment.
Her: Clarification question?
Him: Panicked bullshit explanation.
{audience laughter}
Quick meaningless comic nonsequitur.
Fake laughter.
Fake laughter.
Accidental compliment of physical characteristics.
Her: Pleased response.

It goes on a while longer and it’s all in the performance, so check out the podcast for a full recording.


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