Fourty Four

That’s Obama’s number.  44.  The 44th President of the United States of America will be Barack Obama.  That feels almost unreal to say.  I remember not too long ago, turning on the television or seeing a movie in which there was a black president, and thinking that they were set in the “not so distant future”.

Today, a black president is a reality, and in a few months he will be sworn into office.  The most powerful man in the world will be a black man, and I think that is absolutely amazing.  Having done as much research into our nations past as I have, it impresses me at the ease at which Obama won this election.  

Can’t say I didn’t tell ya so.

I saw Barack Obama for the first time in 2004 when he spoke at the Democratic National Convention.  Even then I knew he had a presidential demeanor about him.  I could sense it in his voice and in the way he moved people with his words.  I said, along with a friend, that he would be the first black president.  I just knew it, because I saw that he believed it too.

So congratulations to Obama for fulfilling my prophecy from four years ago.

For me, election night was memorable enough besides the fact that the first black president was overwhelmingly elected to the presidency.  I spent the night assisting the Cronkite NewsWatch production team by Twittering messages to field reporters.  But for the most part, I was liveblogging on LIVElect, and blog that some classmates and I set up just for election night.

It was remarkably successful, with almost 1,000 unique hits on election night alone.  We had photos, blogs, tweets, and all sorts of content on it, and we had a blast.  The night was unforgettable, and liveblogging was a truly unique experience to see if we could trump the major news networks with stories.

I recently posted what will likely be the final entry on LIVElect which included a thank you to all who helped.

I would personally like to thank everyone who was involved in providing content to the site itself.  A big thanks to Elizabeth Shell and Sophia Fuka who wrote many of the actual entries and helped develop the concept for the site.  Thanks to Evan Wyloge and Carol Legg who provided breaking news live from the field, they were our “inside men” with the scoop.  Evan also provided photos on site at the Arizona Biltmore at McCain HQ.  Also, thank you to Jeremy Pennycook for providing photos as well.  And thanks to Bekah Parsons for running food to us starving bloggers.

November 4th, 2008 is not a day many will soon forget.  Thank you to all who helped it be one of the most memorable nights in my life.


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