The Ultimate Endorsement

Though he has a commanding lead in the polls, Obama may still be in need of one or two rock solid endorsements.  Perhaps from someone in the political realm, or elsewhere.

Well, fear not, because this crucial role may have been filled tonight.


By Coldplay.

That’s right my friends, I’m calling it right now.  Obama will be the next president and he soars to the white house on the wings of England’s favorite alternative rock band.

Lead singer Chris Martin ended the first two of the bands performances on this week’s Saturday Night Live by saying “Thank you” very close to the end of the song, usually right after.  I guess that’s his thing, I don’t listen to a lot of live Coldplay, nor have I seen them live so I wouldn’t know.

However, following the band’s third performance (the song “yellow”, which is pretty good), he just said, flat out, “Barack Obama” with his thick British accent.  Guess he didn’t want anyone to be confused about who he would vote for if he were an American citizen.  Hmm…


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