Dell Customer Service FTW!

After much much much, mucho deliberation, I decided to buy the Dell Mini 9 Netbook the other day.  I wound up getting over $50 in discounts thanks to a Dell promotion on top of ASU student discounts.  I am very excited for my netbook to arrive.  The only catch is, the ETA on this thing is November 10th (my birthday ironically).

So of course they didn’t inform me of this delay until AFTER charging my card.  Clever clever, Dell.  So this really doesn’t upset me because I know that buying from the manufacturer can take a couple weeks.  So I shoot off a friendly customer service email to Dell inquiring as to just why it takes so long.

The result of said email was a call from a friendly customer service agent (my guess, from another country, probably India) who left me a voicemail.  In the voicemail she appologized for the delay and explained that some of the parts were on backorder.  BUT, she mentioned that she placed my order on an expedited list AND upgraded me to next-day shipping for free!

Here is an excerpt:

“I am working to resolve this issue as quickly as possible. This is to inform you that the order was getting delay because there was some parts that was backorder, however i have put in a request to expedite the order would have a follow up call untill the order is shipped and also would like to inform you that the shipping method was changed to next business day for free of cost ,your are not paying anything for it.Will keep you update on you order.”

Yes that is word for word what the email says.  So while Dell gets an A+ for customer service, they get a D- for grammar, spelling and general knowledge of English.  That’s what you get for outsourcing such things.

So if you want free next-day shipping, just send a friendly email asking why it takes so long to build a laptop.  I think I made a good choice, Dell’s customer service comes through in the clutch.  I will keep you posted if I actually get the thing earlier than is expected.


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