Link Dump – Vol. III

The Link Dump is my opportunity to post a consortium of links to various things which I thought were worthy of note.

  • YouTube Don’t you hate it when confusing music videos have nothing to do with the song they are set to?  Well that is why Dustfilms has created “Take On Me – Literal Version”.  By changing the words to A-ha’s classic, they make the music video actually make sense.  And also hilarious.  Pipe wrench fight!
  • Digg MTV has a survey online which will determine their award for “Best Act Ever”.  It didn’t take long for someone to hack the polling script so that it could vote for Rick Astley over and over and over again.  I believe he now holds somthing like 99% of the vote, but it’s still “too close to call”.
  • Sports Illustrated It seems two radio hosts in Minneapolis have called out Magic Johnson for pulling the most awful hoax ever.  Yes, they claimed he faked AIDS.  Unbelievable.  Of course that’s not true, and Magic is just a little upset.
  • Digital Photography Blog I get a lot of questions about Photoshop, so I figure this would be a good thing to post.  DPB has posted a rediculous amount of tutorials for Photoshop, so check there for tips on how to do anything, ever.

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