McCain is a Dramatic Zombie

The final presidential debate provide what I believe the be the picture of the year.  McCain, after shaking hands with Obama behind the table, can’t decide which way to go so he does a little “which-way-do-I-go” dance.  In the process, photographers snapped off this glamour shot that you wouldn’t have caught on TV.  It was too quick of a motion to see.

This is why I love photography.  The ability to capture moments we otherwise would have missed.  Kudos to the catlike reflexes of this photographer.  I can only imagine the liquid squirting from his nose upon reviewing his debate photos.  Amazing…

Also, this precious bit of video is a spinoff from the “Dramatic Chipmunk” meme.  Apparently this is a clip of McCain’s reaction to an Obama quote about tax breaks.  Classic.


2 thoughts on “McCain is a Dramatic Zombie

  1. lmao, that’s such a classic image. too bad if mccain wins, it won’t go down in history, since history’s written by the winners.

    but seriously, so epically classic.

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