ASUS Eee PC Update

Earlier this week I wrote about my indecision between buying a Dell Mini 9 and an ASUS Eee PC which was rumored to be released this week.  Well, it’s here, and it’s a little better than some expected.

The new Eee features an 8.9” screeen (not the expected 7), Linux OS, 1 GB of RAM, Intel Atom Processor N270 at 1.6 Ghz, and a 4GB SSD (not the expected 8, so kind of a minus in this case).  Having those 2 extra inches of screen size was a big reason I was leaning toward Dell, so with this news, part of my case is hurt.

The Eee is still lacking in HD space, dropping down to 4, where the Dell can support as much as 16.  But in reality, how much space will I actually need?  I could use flash drives if I really wanted to anyhow.  I’m also still aprehensive about using Linux an ASUS’ customer service, but it might be worth it to save $100-150.


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