Super Tuesday

Today is the day. For many things. But most importantly to me, today is an Apple Event Day, meaning Steve Jobs is unveiling something new and we tech geeks are going to eat it up.

So what’s on the docket for today? New laptops. The rumors have been swimming around the internet, including hints of a sub $1000 MacBook. Other rumors include GEForce graphics cards from Nvidia, and a Blu-Ray DVD drive. The later is a stretch, but perhaps it will be available on the higher-end laptop unveiled today.

So why new laptops? Well, it has been a while since the MacBook and MacBook Pro’s got a full refresh, though they did get a speed upgrade not long ago. Also, it seems as though Apple is trying to compete with the rising star “netbooks” from ASUS, Lenovo, Dell and others. Netbooks are small, ultra-portable, and cheap (usually under $500), but sometimes suffer when it comes to speed. Netbooks aren’t really selling for their speed, rather for their portability and battery life (sometimes over 8 hours!), so if Apple can come up with a middle-of-the-road, $500-$800 laptop that can draw customers away from the Netbook groupies.

So head on over to Engadget or Gizmodo or any other favorite tech blog to follow the Apple Event live online, and stay tuned here for more info.


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