No Surprises from Apple Today

Well, today’s Apple event turned into a fairly sized let down for myself.  The rumor mill killed any sort of surprise that could have come today.  Personally I was clinging to hope that Apple might release a new laptop in the $700-900 region, but those were just rumors.  The closest they got was reducing the “old” MacBooks (the white and black ones) to an entry price of $999 (as opposed to $1099).  Not exactly a big leap.

Besides, who is going to pay $999 for the “old” style MacBook when the newer sexier MacBooks are just a few hundred away ($1299).  Personally, I was hoping for cheaper because I do not need a screaming fast uber-notebook like these new ones.  I have an iMac, it does the heavy lifting, I just need somthing portable.  $999 is still too much for me to bite on a Mac laptop.  It’s much more worth it to me to just buy the $400 Dell Mini 9, or another netbook like it.  So I will keep looking for “the perfect netbook”.

“In terms of netbooks, that’s a nascent market that’s just getting started,” said Steve Jobs today.  I guess that means they are gonna sit and wait and see if they stick around for good.  They have the same idea for Blu-Ray drives. 

Other announcements from Apple this morning: New Nvidia graphics cards in the new MacBooks and MacBook Pros, using the MacBook Air machining process on the new notebooks (stronger, cheaper), a new glass trackpad with multi-touch interface (no button), a new 24” cinema display, upgrades to MacBook Pro, MacBook and Air.


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