Today and Tomorrow

As a member of the Cardinals Drumline, I am lucky enough to have season tickets in the endzone.  That being said, today I was witness to one of the greatest football games ever, which ended with the first ever punt block for touchdown in NFL overtime history.  Read all about it over at my sports blog.

Now that the weekend is over its time to get back into gear as midterms approach.  Stories, papers and tests will fill this week, but there is a lot going on this week elsewhere also.

Tuesday is not only a day in which five people I know were born (more than any other day, according to Facebook), but also a big day for Mac fans like myself.  Apple will be introducing new laptops at an event in California.  Oh we geeks love these Mac events, and if they release a MacBook for $700-800, I might just bite.  So keep an eye out for that!

Speaking of Mac’s, the one I’m writing on at this moment just informed me that “It’s twelve o’clock,” so I best be getting to sleep.

PS. Make sure you check out my six hard news stories under the “Stories” tab, and feel free to comment on them.  Thanks!


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