Link Dump – Vol. II

The Link Dump is my opportunity to post a consortium of links to various things which I thought were worthy of note.

  • Engadget The website USB Geek is selling a product that connects to you computer and lights up whenever you receive an email.  As if a sound notification wasn’t enough, now your room will light up thanks to this geeky invention.
  • Gizmodo iPod Touches were apparently built pretty tough.  This one survived being run over by a pickup truck.  Though the screen is cracked, it still functions fully.  Not bad.
  • BoingBoing Bill O’Reilly gets into an on-air argument with a fellow Fox News anchor about punishing the websites that published the Sarah Palin emails.  Too bad he forgot about that little thing called the First Ammendment. Oops.
  • Digg News Here is a list of 24 words that Webster’s wants to exuviate from the dictionary to make room for thousands of new words.  Seems that these words have a high caducity level.  Indeed, quite fatidical and apodeitic.  Wait, I use these words all the time!  Now I’m embrangled.
  • Gizmodo More iPhone stuff, sorry.  Apparently someone has created a set of coasters based on the iPhone home buttons.  $60 is a little steep for them, personally.  More like $16, then I’d consider them.

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