Link Dump – Vol. I

The Link Dump is my opportunity to post a consortium of links to various things which I thought were worthy of note.

  • Boing Boing Japan has begun installing “anti-suicide barriers” in trainstations.  The walls are designed to keep people from jumping onto the tracks while no train is in the station.  Special doors only open when the trains have completely stopped.  Aparently, suicide via train is the most common choice of suicide in Japan.
  • Engadget Some company with no good use of time has come up with “Piano Hands” – gloves with sensors in the finger tips which produce sounds when the fingers are tapped on a flat surface.  Bringing new life to the “dashboard keyboardist”.
  • azcentral Some ASU frat boys were arrested for causing an accident on University drive.  How, you ask?  Did they run into traffic?  No.  They were on the Palm Walk footbridge and apparently imbided a little too much milk, and consequently barfed it over the ledge onto traffic.  Simply stunning.
  • AP News With Sarah Palin eating up all the limelight, Democrat VP Candidate Joe Biden felt he had to step up to the pressure put on by the silver-tongued hockey mom.  Biden was caught not using his brain when he accidentally claimed that during the 1929 stock market crash democrat FDR “got on the television” and said “look, here’s what happened.”  Only problem is, republican Herbert Hoover was president.  Oh and TV wasn’t around until 1939.  D’oh.
  • Digg News World renowned documentarian Ken Burns called Sarah Palin “supremely unqualified”, but I’m sure some one else actually said it while he slowly panned and zoomed on a picture of Palin.

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