Back to work…

Well, vacation is over and I am back to work.  Work is boring.  I work at Kinkos, and no one goes to Kinkos during the summer.  We are located right next to ASU, and most of our business occurs during the school year.  I guess it’s better than being really really really busy (which we were the entire month of April).  But still, going back to work is not fun after a week at the beach.

I have nothing better to do than stand around and watch the skin peel from my sunburns.  That and play Texas Hold ‘Em on my iPod.  Speaking of which, still no iPhone yet.  Attempt #2 failed in Virginia (really long lines at the Apple Store), and I have given up getting one any time soon.  Better to just wait until the lines die down.

Today (my day off from work), I spend $350 getting the starter in my car fixed.  I’ve been taking my car to the same shop ever since I got it, and these guys seem on the level.  Although, last time I was there they gave me a list of suggested fixes for my car, none of which I took care of since then and none of which showed up on the list of suggestions this time around.  So, I don’t need them anymore?  Good thing from today about my car is that my mom is thinking of giving me her car (a 2001 Toyota Solara with 110k miles on it, aka… still better than my Ford with 70k on it) and getting a new one for her self.  That would be awesome….

The second half of my day was spend right here in my desk chair messing with my computer.  I have been setting up Windows XP via boot camp on my new iMac.  Basicly, my iMac is the best Windows machine I’ve ever had.  But alas, the fun is over and work looms on the horizon.  Till next time…


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