iPhone Purchase Attempt #1 – Failure

Alas, it was not meant to be.  I tried this morning to purchase the new iPhone (tax free!) while here on vacation in Delaware, but came up about a dozen people short.

Unfortunately the store I went to was not well stocked.  After waiting in line from 7:30 to 8:30, the store manager appeared outside and informed us that they we be sold out at a point in the line about 10-15 people ahead of me.  The sad thing is, those people couldn’t have been more than the 30th to 40th people in line that day.  Did they really only have less than 50 phones, 8 gb and 16 gb, black and white, total?  It seems that way.

At least the hour long wait for nothing was an experience in its own.  An avid people watcher, I made a few friends and saw some strange ones.  I guess there are some stereotypical people in lines across the nation this morning.  Here’s a few of them…

The “Way Too Rich For My Own Good” Guy – Here’s a guy, who rolled up in his Lexus, and was directly in front of me in line.  He started getting worried early on, when I told him casually that “at least it’s only one per customer”.  Apparently he had planned to buy ten.  No joke.  Then, worried he wouldn’t even get one (and he was right in the end), he decided to bribe the person in the front of the line for one of the top spots.

The “Dumb as a Bag of Hammers” Girl – This girl, who had to still be in high school, braces and all, was standing in front of the rich guy, and wouldn’t stop blabbering on about random things.  Then she thought my iPod was an iPhone, and wondered what I’d be doing with the old one.  The other annoying thing about her, was that Daddy was sitting in the mini-van not too far away, ready to supply her with orange Hi-C at a moment’s notice.

The “Stereotypical Mac Nerd” Guy – This guy was actually cool, but definitely your mac nerd.  He was going on about how his Macbook Pro is the greatest laptop in the universe (which it may very well be), and how he uses it to take photos and edit them in Photoshop, or something along those lines.  He was very well versed in everything mac, or apple, or technology all together.  Cool guy, but way too obvious.

The “I Don’t Know Anything About iPhones” Lady – After chatting up with a few of these personalities, this lady realized that not only does the iPhone come in black AND white, but also in 16gb or 8gb models.  Wait it makes phone calls?!?!

Aside from these people, everyone else seemed normal.  Seemed.  Unfortunately, the little AT&T store in Rohoboth, DE didn’t really prepare for the 120 or people that lined up outside (starting at 6pm last night, no less).  If they only had 50 iPhones, they should have said something to the huge line of people before 8:30.

Anyway, I shall attempt again tomorrow when I head back to Virginia.  And if its no dice again, I will surely be able to find one SOMEWHERE in Arizona on Sunday.  AT&T stores are a dime-a-dozen in AZ.  Hopefully these attempts don’t end the same way.

People standing in line, "way too rich guy" in the blue shirt.

People standing in line, "way too rich guy" in the blue shirt.


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