Sunrise over the Atlantic…

I cannot for the life of me figure out why I am awake at 6 in the morning when I went to sleep five hours ago.  I am not supposed to wake up for another two hours to go golfing with my Dad around nine.

I thought, as I finally decided to go to sleep at 1am, that I would regret waiting that long because it would be hard to get up and get moving at 8:30.  I even set two alarms, as to avoid the wrath of my golf starved father.  Little did I know I would be watching the sun rise at six in the morning.

So now I find myself typing away at my computer by the morning light, attempting to wear my brain out and send it back to sleep.  Although, maybe I should stay awake, and avoid the “bad” dream I was having before I woke up.  And by “bad” I mean that I was having a dream in which I went to buy my new iPhone on Friday only to find that I was too late and they were sold out.  Oh the humanity…

It’s already Thursday.  Not fair.  I wish my vacation could last forever and that I didn’t have to go back to work on Monday.  Why is it that time goes so slow when you’re at work, and then I go on vacation and it’s at hyperspeed?  Yeah, yeah… time flies when you’re having fun, I know.

Two positives will arise from the end of my vacation (well, three actually).  Firstly, I will stop spending money (I hope) on clothes from outlet malls.  I’ve bought way too much – so much, in fact, that I will most likely have to stow some of it away in my golf bag (which I am checking on the plane to bring my clubs home for the first time in a long time).  Though my Dad provided me with what he calls “walking around money”, I have bought two pairs of jeans, four pairs of shorts, five shirts, and a pair of shoes.  Dad also just bought me a pair of golf shoes, my first pair ever.  “Anything to support golf in youth”, he says.

Second positive: I will start making money again, by going back to work.  Though some of my vacation days were paid vacation (the benefits of working for FedEx), I will definitely welcome the earning of funds.  I’ve spent a lot this summer, and have more things I need to spend money on, plus I’m moving out in less than a month.  I await the student loan check I will receive in about 40 days… that will be nice.

Third positive: girlfriend.  After having broken up for roughly two months, we reunited about two weeks ago.  This week apart was to be the ultimate test of how we really feel about each other.  I could spend a week away and clear my head and figure out what exactly was goin on.  Truth is, I’ve missed her like crazy, and she me.  We’ve talked, texted, chatted, emailed, Facebook walled, every form of modern communication possible these days (sadly).

So while I’m dreading a return to the nine to five eight to three life that I live aside from vacation, I know returning home will be a good thing also.  As for the iPhone, those jerks better not sell out, cause it’s tax free in Delaware!  I’m not going to camp out, but I will probably get up around 7am to go get one when doors open at 8.  If not, I’ll get one in AZ when I get home.

Okay, dilemma.  It’s 6:45.  Stay up or go back to sleep?  I have an alarm set for 8:30, so I’m looking at less than two more hours.  I think I shall climb back into bed, but good luck getting to sleep.  I should get as much rest as possible.  Busy day.  Golf, then jet skiing, then beach.  At least I could sleep at the beach if I wanted to.  Or maybe I’ll stay up until my Dad wakes up and then we could leave early… hmm…

Either way, I’m done here.

The sun coming up over the Atlantic, from Lewes, Delaware

The sun coming up over the Atlantic.


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