Starting anew…

Hello all, and welcome to my brand spakin’ new blog.

It has been about four years since I started blogging.  I began my undergraduate level education with my first blog, entitled “Random Thoughts” which quickly became “Such Is Life” then eventually “chcameron”, which is the name I use for pretty much everything I do online.  I thought it apropos, as I begin my graduate studies in journalism, to create a new blog for a fresh start.

So here we are, as I type away at my first new blog entry on my new site at approximately 3am eastern time.  Normally I reside in Arizona, and in the fall I begin my graduate work at Arizona State, but as for now I’m spending the week soakin’ up rays on the beaches of Lewes, Delaware.  I flew into Baltimore yesterday and spent the night at my brother’s house in Virginia before driving the 3 hours to the Delaware coast.

I am certain the free time that comes with vacation will allow for me to write more later, but as for now I should really turn off my laptop and get to sleep.  Who knows what my family has planned for tomorrow.

The quaint beachside neighborhood I am vacationing in.

The quaint beach-side neighborhood I am vacationing in.


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