Day two…

I left you last night at 3am as I decided to put away the computer and get some rest for today.  Little did I know I would be woken less than three hours later by our house’s smoke detectors.

High pitched squealing woke everyone up around 5:30, but most of us ignored it as it shut off a few moments later.  Dad wasn’t so easily comforted.  He walked around, made sure everyone was “okay”, and then the things went off again, and repeated their on and off screaming for several minutes.  The volume of the detectors is not what makes them annoying to hear, it’s the fact that each one in the house does not sing the same pitch, and the resulting dissonance causes the ear drums to pulsate in strange ways, creating a “whirring” sound in the ear.  I would have put in ear plugs, but soon enough, we were told to get up and get outside.

Apparently the smoke detectors also can detect carbon monoxide, so Dad called the fire department to have them come check it out.  As we stood outside, in a light drizzle of rain, two fire trucks, and ambulance, and two other fire vehicles came swooping into our little cul-de-sac (side note: cul-de-sac is French for “bottom of the bag” because a cul-de-sac looks like a bag… learn something new everyday…).  Thankfully saving us from any further embarassment, their sirens were off, but the lights were on.

Anyway, long story short – false alarm.  The firemen went through the house with some high-tech gadgetry and discerned that there was no danger, just faulty circuits.  So we went back to sleep.

We all didn’t get going on the rest of our day until around noon when we headed to the beach.  From 12-2 it was partly cloudy, partly sunny.  We threw the frisbee around, both by land and by sea,

then read some books and magazines for a while.  After downing some soda and gorging on snacks, we left the beach as wind and rain set in on the beach.  We got back to the house a little after two.  Jeff and I played some more Guitar Hero (he on medium bass, I on expert guitar), then he and Hannah left after dinner.

It was another chill day – that is except for the fire alarm adventure.  Dad wound up tearing out the circuit to the alarms from the circuit breaker, which was probably illegal.  Hope no real fires occur.  Now that Jeff and Hannah are gone, Jordan is switching to their room so now I have my own to room do with what I please.

Dad and I are planning to go golfing tomorrow, weather permitting.  Until then, stay classy, and watch out for carbon monoxide poisoning.

Our secluded little beach spot...

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